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Qi Gong intense course & teacher training


The Wonder Inn, Manchester
29 Shudehill M4 2AF Manchester England
Sorry - we have to cancel this event due to unforeseen circumstances. We will make it up to you, and if you booked already, get in touch for a full refund and discount for future Secret Elements Qi Gong events.

{Learn to use your inner energy: Secret Elements Qi Gong is a systematised and easy to learn Qi Gong system. Organised after the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine it also incorporates knowledge of Kinesiology and Psychology. The ancient exercises activate your own potential for emotional balancing & self healing.

The intense course & teacher workshop is not only an introduction to Qi Gong and traditional Chinese methods of health and balance. It also qualifies to teach the Secret Elements System as a qualified instructor - and to build your ability up from here.

9am -1pm on Saturday.
9am - 8pm on Sunday.}